Industrial storage cabinets: this is why you should choose modular compositions

Industrial storage cabinets: this is why you should choose modular compositions

If you have to furnish your garage work spaces with new industrial storage cabinets, we suggest you choose modular ones: modular furnishings have many advantages and no disadvantages as we'll explain below.

By modular furnishing we mean that type of furnishing based on modules you can combine as you please: not a single block, difficult to fit into your workshop space, but many elements to choose from and combine, to optimise space and efficiency.

This is why we recommend you always choose modular furnishing when looking for industrial storage cabinets for workshops or storage rooms for parts, equipment and material.

Modular industrial storage cabinets can be customised and optimise space

The first advantage of modular industrial storage cabinets is customisation: only modular type cabinets let you create a custom installation, one of a kind, not like anything standard or of average quality. Customisation is the winning ticket to bolster your brand identity: a custom workshop makes a strong impact on your customers and communicates the idea of a reliable, distinguished, successful and attentive brand.

The second advantage is space optimisation; modular industrial storage cabinets let you occupy and enhance work space, even the most complicated. They even let you create new spaces: cabinets can be used as dividing walls and separate work stations in a large area.

What's more, they also guarantee production efficiency and ample margins of flexibility

The third advantage is the increase in production efficiency: organised space, tools in their places, order, cleanliness and safety are the positive consequences of a custom modular installation which also positively impact the productivity and serenity of technicians and mechanics.

Lastly, modular industrial storage cabinets guarantee ample margins of flexibility: should your workshop's needs change in the future, a modular composition can be easily changed and adapted to the new needs without having to throw out the old and design anew from scratch.

DEA Italian Worklab: our industrial storage cabinet range

At DEA, we design and manufacture fully customisable, modular workshop furnishings; we have various types of industrial storage cabinets:

DRAWER UNITS. Stable workshop cabinets, without wheels, made of solid painted sheet metal to withstand impacts, wear and any type of aggressive external agent. They come in different sizes both in height (90 cm, 110 cm, 150 cm) and width (72 cm, 108 cm 144 cm), and with a number of drawers that varies from series to series.

WORKBENCHES. Resistant and professional workbenches, with ABS surface lining, pre-slotted to easily accommodate pipes and cables; the ample compartments allow you to best organise your work station.

TROLLEYS. Your most helpful partner during vehicle maintenance: our trolleys, on wheels with a variable number of highly resistant drawers, are the best way to keep everything at your fingertips when working on a vehicle.

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CABINET MODULES. Cabinet modules are stable and designed to hold various objects: from gauges to tools, small spare parts to solvent or detergent bottles, etc. They are practical and convenient, also thanks to the retractable door.

WALL CABINETS. Perfect to hang the most commonly used tools (thanks to the perforated back panel), but also to house a monitor, PC or store tanks, cloths and various accessories. Available with manual or powered shutter.

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SPECIAL CABINETS. Special industrial storage cabinets are designed to orderly and intelligently hold all the more cumbersome tools, power tools and those less frequently used.  Save space with the sliding doors or, in the alternative version, power shutter.

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