Industrial storage cabinets: ideal for warehouses, laboratories and production areas

Industrial storage cabinets: ideal for warehouses, laboratories and production areas

Industrial storage cabinets are among the most popular storage solutions, because they can perform a number of important functions. Let's see which and discover the features that make DEA industrial storage cabinets unique.

Why set up a workstation enriching the composition with one or more industrial storage cabinets? Because industrial storage cabinets - both the smaller modules (the counter modules) and the larger ones (the wall cabinets) - can meet not one, but many different needs, depending on the specific context in which they are inserted.

When to choose one or more industrial storage cabinets

An industrial storage cabinet can be used for 4 main functions:

  1. Storage of small and medium-sized equipment; the cabinet can contain tools, measuring instruments, etc. depending on the size of the compartments;
  2. Storage of consumables (for example wires, rods, welding electrodes) but also of all cleaning accessories (detergents, sponges, brushes, etc.);
  3. Storage and custody of particular documents or parts; in this case, classic or badge/code locks are essential;
  4. Furniture for employee locker rooms.

But how can you tell if a cabinet is top quality?

DEA industrial storage cabinets: features and models

First of all, the industrial storage cabinet doors must be functional to the environment: powered or with retracting opening system, for example. The internal shelves must guarantee significant load-bearing capacities, suitable for the weight of materials and industrial equipment, and it is even better if they slide.

A good cabinet has ergonomic handles and secure locks, to safeguard employee safety from every point of view.

The DEA range of industrial storage cabinets meets all the requirements and applies them in the great variety of models.


The workstation can be set up with single or double door units: they have retracting doors so as not to take up space; variable widths, heights and depths (including compact modules, with a depth of only 30 cm, designed for use at the PC station and therefore ideal for laboratories).

AR-235.11: cabinet with double door, with independent compartments and removable shelves mounted on HD guides h. 90 cm.

AR-026.11: single door cabinet, 30 cm deep, adjustable shelf, h. 90 cm.

AR-309.03: module with shutter and extractable shelves, h. 110 cm.

AR-368.10: double door module with high capacity, with stainless steel bottom and an adjustable shelf, h. 200 cm.

Special cabinets

The range also includes special industrial cabinets, with larger capacities and heights.

AR-361: cabinet with powered shutter, h. 210 cm, L. 144 cm

AR-454.11: double door cabinet, with 2 fixed shelves in the upper part (capacity up to 70 kg) and 4 sliding shelves in the lower part (with capacity up to 150 kg).

AR-SM803: cabinet with powered shutter and hinged closure on the ground, h. 210 cm, Lxl 230x250 cm.

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