Drawer units for workshops: fixed or trolleys?

Drawer units for workshops: fixed or trolleys?

Fixed or trolley? Choosing the right drawer units for workshops requires evaluating different parameters, like the extension of the work area and the need for high capacity structures. We are therefore presenting some situations for which a fixed drawer unit would be preferable to a trolley drawer unit.

DEA workshop drawer units come in several different types and sizes: the first distinction is between the fixed drawer units and the trolley drawer units; the two models have approximately the same structures, but they are designed for different functions.

Let's take a look at why.

Fixed drawer units for workshops

We recommend fixed drawer units for:

  • Storing very heavy equipment that is used rarely;
  • Optimizing space in smaller workshops;
  • Creating a stable, spacious work counter.

DEA drawer units guarantee excellent performance, and thanks to their variety of sizes and numbers of drawers, the easily adapt to smaller work spaces. In general, our drawer units can be divided into two categories: the single units (with heights ranging from 90 cm to 110 cm) and the double units.

The base model is the 90 series single module, with 5 drawers with different capacities for holding various types of equipment.

If you need a very spacious drawer unit, you can select the double module, 150 series, with 12 drawers, each with maximum capacity of 100 kg, meaning that the entire module can hold up to 1200 kg of load.

Trolleys for workshops

In contrast to drawer units for workshops, trolleys on pivot wheels are the most suitable if the work area is very large and requires moving units from one section to another. They are therefore perfect for holding the most commonly used equipment.

DEA trolleys are supported by reinforced pivot wheels, which are also fitted with brakes to guarantee stability during your work; they are available in a single module or a module and a half model, in several heights with numbers of drawers ranging from 4 to 7.

The workshop trolleys with a module and a half, the 90 series with 5 drawers and 6 drawers, have the highest capacity in the series. They are ideal in many different work environments: in auto repair shops, in motorcycle repair shops and body shops (for pulling, dismantling, pre-delivery and receiving areas), as well as in laboratories and large industrial facilities.

Our range of products for workshops also includes a parts trolley with 3 shelves and rear closure, designed for under the table.

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