Do you know DEA's after sales service?

Do you know DEA's after sales service?

When we define the purchasing process, we must immediately ask who will be the person in charge of assisting the customer if a problem arises: that is, the person who manages the after sales service.

Who will follow me when there is a problem with my set-up?

Will the technicians be quick and attentive as much as they have been so far?

Two crucial questions that demand concrete answers. To offer an adequate after sales service, we need technical skills, management skills and, not least, strong relational skills. In other words, we need an investment in the medium to long term involving different reference figures:

  • Referents that, once we complete the sale negotiation, take charge of the single order and plan it over time.
  • Selected and adequately trained resources, which are able to apply their technical knowledge in every situation and to assist the customer in a quick time.

It thus takes form a set of services we must guarantee over time.

Our after sales service: After Sales Care

We analyze in advance, at the design stage, all the criticalities that can occur in the construction site: in this way, once installed, the equipment does not have any anomalies and even the eventual maintenance do not take us by surprise.

After Sales Care is a project that was born a few years ago, with a real dedicated business unit. Every customer, today, concludes perceptive and thoughtful purchases: when he chooses DEA Worklab as his supplier, it is our responsibility, as well as privilege, to ensure a comfortable and satisfactory experience.

A unique experience that begins, instead of ending, in conjunction with the purchasing decision.

First installation and training of technicians

Our After Sales Care process is therefore already started when we have the first installation of a workbench: the DEA technician in charge of the project goes to the customer workshop and proceeds with the assembly.

At this stage, we always guarantee the presence of a reference figure, whose competences are essential for the success of the intervention. It is the task of the DEA technician also to transfer his expertise to the staff of the customer company, always in the perspective of the care of the client and the prompt assistance in case of doubt or criticality.

The following operations can be carried out in different ways depending on the preferences of the customer, who can rely on their team or request the support of our technicians again.

Commissioning: we do not leave anything to chance

Even when the workspace is fully set up we cannot say ended our work. Another essential step, which is the phase of commissioning on site, follows the installation: the DEA technician works in synergy with the referent of the workshop to start the testing of the entire set-up.

We show the customer the actual functioning of each piece of furniture and its characteristics. For example, we explain how to fully exploit the advantages of DEAmotion guides and locks, how to manage the internal compartments for the passage of plants; how to adjust the feet and heights for a perfect leveling of the modules or how to clean the surfaces.

Not a simple after sales service, then, but the implementation of a philosophy of work: the philosophy of Customer Care, which is never left alone.

Lino Di Betta
AuthorLino Di Betta

Ispiratore DEA Italian Worklab

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