DEA Worklab, champion of growth

DEA Worklab, champion of growth

DEA Worklab has been included in the ranking of the 300 Italian companies considered more enterprising in the period from 2014 to 2016, thanks to its growth characterized by innovation and quality.

An innovative and successful business model, an interesting amount of investment and a constant increase in turnover: thanks to the fulfilment of these requirements, the German Quality and Finance Institute has recognized DEA as one of the "most enterprising" Company during the three-years period 2014-2016.

With an average increase in turnover of 31%, DEA was awarded the 5th place of the "Platinum" category. It proved once again to be a true excellence of the Italian entrepreneurial landscape, committed to a progressive development both in Italy and abroad.

Growth and innovation: our brand at the top of the classification

The race, called by the German Institute for Quality and Finance and conducted on an initial number of 7.8 million companies, was based on a careful evaluation of databases in the public domain: company data, won races and bank data. A list of 10.000 companies with a high growth rate has been drawn up and, among them, the best 300 have been selected.

The discriminating factor did not only consist of a simple increase in turnover: growth was to be the result of an expansion matured exclusively thanks to its own forces and without the acquisition of external enterprises.

The pride of Emilia Region: DEA and the other 4 top companies

As we read on the January 29 article published by Affari & Finanza, an insert of La Repubblica, also Ro & Co, has won the Gold Seal by virtue of its growth equal to 14% of the annual turnover.

We are glad to share with you all the pride for a renowned production at local, national and international level, and the aspiration to do more and more, always better.

Lino Di Betta
AuthorLino Di Betta

Ispiratore DEA Italian Worklab

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