DEA Worklab at Le Mans Classic 2018

DEA Worklab at Le Mans Classic 2018

Save the date: we will be at the famous Le Mans Classic expo in the French city of the same name on July 6th, 7th and 8th. 3 days dedicated to rediscovering antique cars, with races, shows and auctions attended by all the leading appraisers and classic world representatives.

For over twenty years, Le Mans Classic is a cult: the event that organises the Le Mans 24 hours is a piece of history for antique car races. An event that is held directly on the 13.65 km race track and only accepts cars registered before 1979.

But the 2018 edition will be different than the others: in fact, it will be celebrating two anniversaries, the 40th Renault Alpine win at the 24 Heures and the 70th birthday of the Porsche 356. It will be a great chance to watch the spectacular celebrations, that will certainly confirm, and most probably exceed, the previous edition's figures: 123,000 spectators, 600 race cars and 8,500 cars brought by the various clubs participated in the 2016 Le Mans Classic.

DEA will also attend the event with a specific stand: you'll find us there, where our specialists will welcome and guide you on a tour of our high range solutions for workshop and body shop furnishings.

DEA: custom furnishings for the antique car sector

We focus a part of our interest on racing and antique car restoration companies: we create furnishings for these workshop with custom colours and details, perfectly in-line with the vintage style promoted by the brand. That is what we created, for example, for Raceline Feustel, the company specialised in antique Porsche restorations.

An appeal to period motor sports and the will to bring back the aesthetic standards that can still make a strong impact. All this enriched by our brand: the synergy of practicality, modularity, efficient design and convenient solutions for workers.

We look forward to seeing you at Le Mans from July 6th to 8th: if you're passionate about antique cars, if the shiny body of a Porsche or Jaguar grab your attention and races thrill you, Le Mans Classic is the place for you.

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