DEA’s restyling of Ferrari Motors multibrand workshop

DEA’s restyling of Ferrari Motors multibrand workshop

DEA has recently completely renovated the shop furnishings at the Ferrari Motors location in Porto Mantovano, a major service centre for the Seat, Suzuki, Citroen, Hyundai, Kia and Peugeot brands. Thanks to the versatility of the furnishings and several targeted choices made by our professionals, the end results perfectly met the customer’s needs in every respect.

Ferrari Motors, a company with a deep-seated passion for the automotive sector, has recently completed the complete restyling of its workshop in Porto Mantovano.

Having been completed just a few weeks ago, the work includes complete workstations outfitted for mechanical assistance, service inspections, and tyre changes, as well as quick bodywork repairs and simple parts replacements.

And the selected workshop furnishings boast the unmistakable look of DEA Worklab.


The customer’s request: an environment that conveys orderliness and efficiency

Ferrari Motors wants its centres to focus increasingly on next generation service, with clean and tidy environments, highly competent staff, and safe and sanitised workspaces therefore being essential.

In terms of furnishings, solutions that offered greater convenience and would meet the needs of the new working and customer service methods, were needed for the technicians and operators. All while maintaining a meticulous aesthetic appearance.

The DEA solution

After holding a lengthy and in-depth interview to better understand the customer’s needs, the DEA team proposed a comprehensive solution, complete with a 3D design of the end result.

Once the most suitable furnishing options and finishes for the workstations had been selected, all that was left to do was install the compositions, based on the design shared with the customer.

The key aspect of this project was the 110 cm height of the cabinets: a modern service centre has different needs with respect to the past, and the new work activities carried out at the work bench (which aren’t as “heavy duty” as they once were) require more precision than strength. A cabinet height of 110 cm allows the operators to maintain good posture, without bending their backs. It’s quite a relief for the technicians, who spend a lot of time at the workshop!

One of the installed components: AR-001.10 – Single drawer unit module, 110 series, with 7 drawers

The modular DEA furnishings were able to be perfectly inserted within the existing context, without any complications, and with no need to make any changes to the various components. For example, thanks to their self-supporting structures, there was no need to perform any interventions on the workshop’s walls, thus avoiding the risk of damaging their internal pipes.

Thanks to the versatility of DEA’s workshop furnishings, the vehicle lift controls were even able to be integrated within the furnishings themselves. This simple yet innovative intervention was needed in order to render the new workshop’s layout even more practical.

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