DEA furnishings: high quality for UK workshops

DEA furnishings: high quality for UK workshops

Kent Garage Equipment, DEA modular furniture distributor in the United Kingdom, has created an evocative video that enhances the modular furniture selected for the works completed in joint partnership.

Thanks to our partner, who has been operating for over 25 years in the supply and installation of a range of garage and automotive industry equipment, DEA was able to integrate high quality technical equipment with the projects followed in the United Kingdom.

Here are some pictures of the works completed together.

Partnerships with DEA

As shown in the video, DEA can offer complete support at every stage: from design to delivery and installation of all the components necessary to make the work environment highly efficient and pleasant.

Among the most popular DEA furnishings used to create the workstations are the workbenches and wall cabinets, enriched with trolleys, drawer units and cabinets of various kinds according to the individual needs of each.

There is also no shortage of modules designed for more specific operations, such as mobile tool trolleys, PC-ready workstations or energy and fluid distribution modules containing up to 6 pumps per workstation.

DEA solutions are not limited to the classic workstations positioned along the walls, but also include real "islands" in the centre of garages and workshops, with power outlets, fluid distribution pumps and sinks.


Some projects completed in the UK


DEA has created highly efficient and elegant workstations in the UK for many prestigious dealers, including the Jaguar Land Rover group, as well as brands such as Bentley, Ferrari and Porsche, Ford, Kia, Audi, VW, BMW, etc.

The ample spaces provided have allowed us to design cutting-edge environments that incorporate some of the most modern equipment available. Uniquely designed DEA modular furnishings have been incorporated into workshops to allow for precise tool organization and guarantee personnel efficiency.

DEA's Made in Italy solutions are always highly appreciated by partners and end customers from all over the world, so much so that they periodically send us photos and videos, taken at the end of the work or during business hours.

You too can rely on DEA's experience and skills to furnish your workshop.

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Photo credits: Kent Garage Equipment

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