DEA furnishing in the Ferrari Pilotino

L’allestimento DEA nel Pilotino Ferrari

Emiliano Perucca Orfei, editor in chief and race car driver, shot a vlog of his visit to Ferrari during the F8 Tributo launch. The set was exceptional: custom DEA furnishings for the #1 car manufacturer in Italy.

Pilotino: this is the name of the heart of the Ferrari headquarters, the exclusive area where Ferrari engines are built and trial engines are assembled and tested.

Special equipment is found in the Pilotino for all the most advanced processes: among these, DEA workbenches, in one of their custom versions with personalised colours and finishes.



Ferrari and DEA, united in the relentless pursuit of maximum quality

Workbenches, drawer units, trolleys, cabinets and panels populate one of the most important areas in the entire factory: this is what we can see in Emiliano Perucca Orfei's vlog, editor in chief and tester as well as founder of the YouTube Masterpilot channel.

During the episode on September 5th, Orfei visited the Pilotino and Skills School at Ferrari's headquarters, first taking on a miniature assembly line and then actual assembly. Along with Ferrari mechanics, he assembled the F8 Tributo engine: a 3.9 V8 720 CV and 770 Nm torque 3,250 rpm engine.

The V8 is a mechanical engineering masterpiece, the result of Ferrari's relentless pursuit of maximum quality and strong will to produce every element in house. The same commitment we pursue at DEA day after day and that has brought us this far: in the soul, in the heart, of Ferrari.

Lino Di Betta
AuthorLino Di Betta

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