Another challenge won by DEA: workshop furniture in a container

Another challenge won by DEA: workshop furniture in a container

Workshop furniture in a container just over two metres wide? With DEA it was not only possible, but the result really exceeded all expectations. We designed a customised solution for a luxury sector businessman, which would overcome the challenges of an uncomfortable environment.

A successful businessman with extensive experience in the world of luxury chose DEA to fulfil his particular desire: to have a nautical workshop that would follow him to the end of the world.

The high quality of DEA workshop furniture was able to meet the customer's very high standards, always in search of excellence.


The request: a functional and compact workshop

The customer has a passion for speed boats and participates in several competitions throughout the year. He needed a mobile workshop to service a boat that was compact enough to fit in a container transportable from one destination port to another.

The workshop thus had to be compact yet fully equipped, since it would have to be ready to provide any type of service required once it arrived at destination.

Hurdles to be overcome

The starting conditions were not entirely favourable.

The first hurdle was certainly the limited space: the workshop had to be set up inside a 40-foot container (measuring approximately 12 x 2.5 metres). Considering that the customer had many specific needs, the biggest challenge was designing a set-up that included all the elements he required.

Another aspect not to be overlooked was the fact that, being a workshop that travels by sea and stays in ports for a long time, it had to resist saline mists. The other main objective of this project was therefore to offer furniture that would not be damaged even when faced with these particular environmental conditions.

The DEA solution: customised modular stainless steel furnishings


To create the set-up, we had the empty container transported to the company, where it was completely outfitted from top to bottom in three months, including electrical connections.

For this set-up we chose our suspended cabinets and classic furnishings with workbenches, drawer units and cabinets; choosing variations suited to house a wide range of work tools.

It is a production made entirely of stainless steel, from the furniture frames to the individual screws. This way the workshop furniture will resist oxidation for many years, even if it remains close to the sea.

Finally, a customised colour: all modules were coated with white and blue epoxy paint; the speed boat's colours.

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